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13 January 1988
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I am a writer here at Live Journal writing mostly fan fictions and the occasional original fiction however i have fallen from grace. During my time here i have written many fics that i have been wholly proud of and am equally as proud to show and share them with the communities i've come to love.

During my time writing fics i am pleased/ comfortable with i have written the occasional fic on the side, just to kind of give my mind a break from especially long stories. Some of these fics while being carefully written and planned have been a bolder, ruder, more blunt and or generally badder than i would be willing to accept posting. I have told no-one about these and never intended to. However i kept coming back to them and was both so pleased and ashamed of them. I decided to post them and see what people have to say. Maybe over time i'll mature enough to own up to the fact that they are mine and put the fics up at my main post but in the mean time i hope you'll enjoy the fics and comment back.

For each fic i'll write what i liked and didn't like about these fics, you don't have to read this part but it helps me to be able to explain myself. These fics will probably not come frequently either, all the fics that i post here i wrote a few months ago at least and as i said i only put the fics up here cause i'm embarrassed by them, which is an extreme. Mostly i can own up to what i write and there fore post on my main page.

Do not try to guess who my alter LJ user is. I am Fallen Angel.

Thank you and Goodnight.