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Clothes Off

Title: Clothes Off
Author: f4ll3n_4ngel
Rating: NC -17
Fandom: Fall Out Boy
Pairing: Patrick Stump/Pete Wentz
Warnings: gay sex, as in not happy gay, boy on boy action gay and swearing but really how could you not have boy on boy action without a little swearing?
Disclaimer: This is the true story of how Patrick's 'back up singing' in Clothes Off happened (truth is i'm not sure what happened so this isn't really the true story, not real, don't own fob, don't sue me, i have no money even if you wanted to)
Summary: “You’re not serious”
Judging from the look on Travis’s face Patrick could tell this was a futile statement. He was serious. Patrick laughed a little and shook his head.

A/N: This is only the second fic i have written that contains sex. Please be kind when you comment. I wanted this one to be a litte more 'fun' than the last one, i think i pulled that off which i'm happy about. Enjoy ^_^

“You’re not serious”

Judging from the look on Travis’s face Patrick could tell this was a futile statement. He was serious. Patrick laughed a little and shook his head.

“No, no way, are you kidding? I won’t do this” Patrick continued “I’ll sing for you, I’ll approve your lyrics, I’ll co-produce your album but I won’t do this”

“Come on bro, why not?” Travis beseeched him as the rest of his band messed around in the sound proof recording booth.

The Gym Class Heroes where into the third day of recording As Cruel As School Children with Patrick helping produce. Up until this point everything had run smoothly, Patrick giving them all the room and artistic freedom he could while imparting good advice wherever required. Everyone involved was really picking up on the vibe of what they where creating: something clever, naughty, humorous, fun and memorable. Above all this however Travis wanted it to be sexy. If Justin Timberlake thought he was bringing sexy back Travis wanted to show he had it in spades all along.

Patrick gathered this.

Patrick understood this.

Patrick was all for furthering the ‘sexy’ cause however what Travis was asking was different.

It involved Patrick being sexy.

“…ok, ok back up. Let me repeat what you asked me to do so we’re both on the same page” Patrick said carefully, eyes flicking briefly to all the different knobs and dials on the large board to make sure none of them allowed what was being said into the recording booth “You want me to have an orgasm?”

“Yeah” Travis replied with a nod leaning casually on the switchboard.

“During Clothes Off?” Patrick continued.

“Yeah” Travis repeated.

“You want a guy who’s been singing rock songs about broken hearts, cut wrists and friends who aren’t really friends for the last four or five years to have an ‘oh baby yeah’ orgasm for a song of yours” Patrick finished.

“That pretty much sums it up Tricky” Travis confirmed.

Through the one-way tinted glass Eric could been seen doing something akin to the chicken dance while silence reigned on Patrick and Travis’s side.

“Ah good”

“So you’ll do it?” Travis asked hopefully.

“No, I’m just glad I’m not going crazy, my friend did just ask me to embarrass myself for thousands of people world wide to hear with the option of the repeat button at their fingertips” Patrick deadpanned.

“Look it’s not like I’m askin you to make a porno just fake it” Travis persisted goading tones in his voice “It will be awesome, the song is called Clothes Off, people will expect moaning, people will be disappointed if there is no moaning” Patrick sighed exasperatedly.

“People won’t know the difference and why does it have to be me anyway? If you’re so gung ho about this you do it,” Patrick argued leaning back in his chair arms crossed tightly over his chest.

“Look you’re already singing the hook and you sing it so damn well, how could you go wrong?”

“Easily. I’m not comfortable with this and I don’t know if I’d be able to pull it off. Just because I can sing doesn’t mean I can fake an orgasm and make it sound…hot” Patrick was beginning to struggle for words in his agitated state “What if it sounds…lame”

“It won’t!” Travis insisted.

“Yeah” Patrick said voice firm, tone final. He would not be moved “Because it’s never going to happen”

Travis grumbled throwing his hands in the air and turned towards the door that lead to the recording booth. Patrick swiveled his chair back to the sound control board resetting a few dials and picking up a pair of large headphones. However as Travis’s hand touched the handle he took an extended pause which Patrick knew did not bode well.

“Are you sure bout this Patrick?” Travis asked looking over his shoulder, a sly and disconcerting tone about his voice. Patrick knew he had thought of something. No matter what his plan was Patrick would not back down though and pursed his lips in adamant disapproval.

“Yes” Patrick replied firmly “No orgasm”

As the headphones slipped over his ears he heard the beginning of a long partially regretful, partially evil ‘Ok’.

* * *

A few hours went by uneventfully and four thirty saw Patrick sitting in the same chair strumming on the control board to the beat of Matt’s drums. They had pinned the drums earlier that day and Travis was now rapping through the second verse hitting every line with just the right tone. Patrick was sure this would be the version they’d keep and was relived that Travis had dropped his earlier request without kicking up too much of a fuss. He watched them with a mixture of pride and admiration filling his chest, adjusting the effects toggle just lightly as they played on. Travis finished the verse with an excited punch in the air. He knew they’d got it down.

“Alright guys that sounded awesome!” Patrick exclaimed holding the button for the communication speaker down as he spoke “I think we got it”

“Damn straight we got it! Clothes Off is gonna absolutely kick it!” Travis shouted high-fiveing his band mates all as excited as he was.

“No doubt guys, no doubt! Uh now Travis do you want to take a break so we can record Dishi’s solo?” Patrick asked downloading the new verses and sounds into his mac.

“Actually we’ve been here since like twelve thirty don’t you wanna take a break?” Travis asked.

“Nah man I’m cool but you guys take a break if you want to, I think I’ll just stay here and mess around with placement and layering volumes” Patrick replied pulling his mac closer.

“Yeah ok, see you in an hour…hour and a half” Travis called exiting the recording booth Disashi and Matt not far behind.

“Bye” Patrick replied.

“Catch you soon” Eric’s voice called and just before Patrick let go of the speakers button he heard Eric double back. Patrick looked up through the one-way glass to see if he’d forgotten something “Hey Patrick, do you want anything while we’re out, like a drink or a snack?”

“Yeah Eric, Thanks. Just a coke’ll be great” Patrick replied cheerfully.

“Ok” Eric said with a wave before he left the booth.

With a sigh Patrick returned his gaze to his laptop screen and set the headphones he had been wearing down beside him. It wasn’t often he got peace and quiet and was glad to have some time to himself in the safety of the Decay Dance Recording Studio. He opened Garage Band and the new incomplete sound tracks. The music and singing where opened in the same workspace and Patrick could see the different nuances of the parts and how they could fit together. He played the pieces back a few times and though they hadn’t recorded the entire song he could tell already that it was missing something. His brows knitted together in concentration and he began tweaking the speed of the rhythm. A few minutes passed before he heard the door behind him open and close with a definite click and curious light thud.

“Hey Eric thanks-” Patrick began as he turned his chair around jumping when he realized the person standing at the back of the dimly lit room was not a grinning Eric holding a coke.


There in the half-light Pete stood long fringe hanging over one side of his face, preened like every hair was carefully placed for the right effect. Above chips of dark chocolate irises where half closed black eyelids. There was a peppering of stubble running down his chin. His top hung loosely; it was a shirt with the first few buttons left undone which was unusual for someone who lived in hoodies and T-shirts. A smile curled the edge of his lips up. Hints of familiar tattoo’s peeked out around his half bared chest and rolled up sleeves. The jeans where tight, near skin tight from the waist down.

Patrick gulped.

“Hey Patrick, what’s up man?” Pete’s tone was friendly yet there was something about it that sent warning shivers up Patrick’s spine as he crossed the room. It was faintly lower, quieter than Pete usually used.

“Just messing with the sound for Clothes Off. Travi and the guys went out to get something to eat about ten minutes ago” Patrick replied maintaining his cool and turning his chair back to his laptop “How have you been?”

“Still good since we chatted last night dude but I can’t wait to listen to the new stuff. Let’s hear it?” Pete asked standing behind Patrick’s chair and looking over his shoulder at the screen.

“Check it out” Patrick replied pressing play. The mischievous music coming from Patrick’s tiny laptop speakers sounded loud in the small room. Patrick could feel Pete nodding to the tune.

“It’s brilliant” Pete commented as the song played. A few minutes passed and the music they had gotten down drew nearer to finishing.

“Not that you ever need a reason but why are you here?” Patrick asked without looking back.

He listened to himself sing the chorus and waited for Pete’s reply. Patrick felt Pete lean closer still and then something unexpected happened. The curve of Pete’s slightly rough jaw line passed along the back of Patrick’s head skirting the line between his hat and hair till it brushed his ear. Patrick began to lean out of the way so Pete could see the screen when Pete’s hands rested one on his right shoulder, the other in the nape of his neck holding him still. Patrick froze.

“I came here to see you” Pete whispered into Patrick’s ear. Patrick opened his mouth to say something when a wet warmth tugged gently on the top of the ear Pete had whispered into.

“What the-?!” Patrick mumbled attempting to stand but Pete’s hands held him in place. The thumb on his neck began to rub gently into his sensitive skin and Pete licked over Patrick’s ear following the curve from top to bottom sending fractures of pleasure through Patrick’s discomfort.

“Pete…” Patrick said trying to keep his voice natural as Pete ghosted his earlobe “Why are you….what are you doing this for?”

Pete placed kisses carefully down Patrick’s jugular till he reached the junction between his shoulder and collar. Patrick unconsciously moved his head to give Pete a better angle; eyes fluttering closed, mouth open though he fought back the urge to make any sound. The hand holding Patrick still eased off as soon as Pete was satisfied that he wouldn’t try to escape. With his now free hand Pete began to unfasten the vest Patrick was wearing and then the first few buttons of his shirt licking a line back up to his ear while he did so. Pete leaned him foreword slightly blowing across the back of Patrick’s neck before tasting him. Patrick’s breathing hitched while Pete continued to loosen his shirt. In the back of Patrick’s mind he marveled at Pete’s ability to do this all from behind him and without looking.

“Pete” Patrick said barely managing to maintain composure, heat rising to his cheeks “Why…?”

Pete didn’t answer twisting the chair around so Patrick faced him.

“This chairs going to be a bitch” Pete murmured rolling it back so it was steadied against the control board then lowered himself to Patrick’s legs separating them, moving in between them and kissing his way down the other side of Patrick’s neck. Patrick couldn’t see what Pete was doing but he could feel fingertips undoing the remaining buttons. Once Patrick’s chest was bare Pete massaged carefully over collarbone, caressed his smooth skin and dragged his palms to Patrick’s hips every touch going straight to Patrick’s groin. Patrick couldn’t help breathing heavily now as his body began to take over desire flooding rational thought. Patrick quivered tangling his hand in the back of Pete’s hair, as Pete didn’t stop at Patrick’s neckline this time.

His tongue burned lines of sensation across Patrick’s pale soft skin till it hit his nipple giving it a gentle nip. Patrick’s free hand gripped the arm of the chair as Pete’s hand pressed over the growing swelling in his pants. He pulled it up and then pushed back down repeating the action with varying strengths of grip. Back and forth, tight and lose the delicious friction was mind numbing. Pete knew exactly what to do hitting all of Patrick’s senses in tandem. Pete’s chest lifting and falling as he breathed and huffed was all Patrick could hear and feel along his own, that sound alone would have tuned him on but the movement made it so much better. Pete’s left hand explored Patrick’s thighs and slipped underneath them while his right hand maintained rapturous bliss made Patrick writhe under Pete.

Patrick didn’t know how long he could take it feeling pre-come soaking through his underwear. Pete put one leg over one of Patrick’s grinding into him as he continued to work Patrick. Patrick could feel Pete’s errection rigid against his thigh as Pete ground into him again and again. Pete’s hand pushed faster and faster over his crotch, Patrick’s eyes rolling back with ecstasy. Then Pete’s movements abruptly stopped the difference snapping Patrick to attention.

Patrick opened his eyes to see Pete withdraw himself, with great effort, from Patrick’s leg and knelt down between Patrick’s legs again. Steadily, like it was a deeply important task, Pete drew his fingertips from the insides of Patrick’s knees to his zipper. Feeling the light touch of Pete’s fingers on his package as he unzipped Patrick’s fly was almost frustrating. Once pulled away Pete reached his calloused hands down into Patrick’s underwear and Patrick arched his back as Pete pulled his throbbing cock out spreading Patrick’s pre-come over it as he did so. However once out Pete seemed to ignore it waiting for Patrick to eye him again. It didn’t take long for his head to roll down to meet Pete’s gaze.

“Ok Pattycake” Pete panted with a grin “Let’s talk about why I’m here”

Patrick frowned in confusion. He thought the reason was fairly apparent at this stage.

“What do you mean?” Patrick asked masking his impatience perfectly.

“I’m here to convince you to have an orgasm,” Pete continued in an almost business like way.

Through the haze of near desperate want it took Patrick a full 5 seconds to catch on to what Pete meant.

“That diabolical bastard” Patrick thought as the answer came raging into his brain putting a stake between his amorous craving and Pete.

“Travis gave me a call and told me what happened and I said I’d talk to you about it” Pete explained index finger rubbing inattentively on Patrick’s knee “I want you to do this for him, I think it’d complete the song so I’m here to give you…inspiration. Just say you’ll do it and in return I won’t stop again.”

Patrick was infuriated. He thought he’d made it clear he didn’t want any part of recording himself getting off for a song but Travis had just gone behind his back and called Pete. Pete who would of course agree to help in his own twisted way. He stood startling Pete and shoved his dick back into his pants with a snarl.

“This was a dirty fucking trick Pete” Patrick spat pushing past him and headed for the door leading into the hall. He needed to find a bathroom and quick. Despite his anger his body was still hot with stimulation and he was aching to finish himself off. Before he’d made it to the door his arm was yanked back as Pete tried to turn him around. Patrick struggled but the bassists other hand had already glided back into his crotch locking around the base of his length.

“No” Patrick hissed grabbing Pete’s wrist only to get a slow tantalizing pump for his efforts. Patrick tried futilely to escape from Pete’s grip as Pete pulled Patrick’s pants and underwear down just far enough to expose him. Patrick thought briefly to rib Pete about the fact that he was supposed to hate the male genitalia when he felt Pete’s free palm cup his balls rolling them in time with his other hand. Pete smiled into his neck as he sent Patrick into a spasm of pleasure.

“No, no, no” Patrick gasped feverishly struggling as Pete worked in and our, in and out.

“Come on Patrick, come on. Say it, fucking say it” Pete drove his hand down and up more rapidly.

“Fuck you” Patrick snarled trying to ignore the glorious feeling pumping below his stomach.

“Say it!” Pete whispered pace pausing to allow his index finger to trace Patrick’s slit.

Oh!” Patrick finally moaned hips bucking into Pete’s hands unable to resist him any longer. The hand restraining Pete’s wrist movements flew to Pete’s shoulder for balance as he thrust into Pete’s hold again.

“That’s more like it” Pete muttered lowering them so they where kneeling giving Pete better stability to brace against Patrick’s thrusting.

Once the first moan escaped Patrick the ones that followed came thick and loud thrilling Pete as they moved against each other on the floor. Calling it a dance would have been a stretch but there was something in the way Patrick threw back his head and arched his glistening body that seemed so graceful in Pete’s eyes.

Ooh…no” Patrick keened as Pete pulled Patrick to him holding his dick to Pete’s own letting out a chocked curse; the feeling was unspeakable.

“Fuck uh” Pete whispered trying to unlatch his belt as Patrick’s throbbing head hit him continually “oh Patrick”

Yeahuhoooooh” Patrick’s voice climbed higher, thick with sex “uh..don’t be long ah…ah”

“Shit…shit your voice it’s so…” each word Pete breathed heavily out breathed Patrick in, taking him further in every second “its so…fuck!”

“oh…oh” Patrick cried words running into each other as he fought to plunge deeper the slide and slap of his tender foreskin against Pete’s palm was ecstasy “harder, fuck harder!” Pete complied tightening his grip Patrick’s moan making Pete raunchier than he thought possible. With a click Pete’s belt was undone, fly following a second later.

“Oh babe that’s right, it’s alright” Patrick murmured giving Pete’s pants a rough yank as Pete finally managed to escape the tight sweaty denim tossing it to the side. Pete began jerking himself off as he did the same to Patrick, his own wet cock pulsating under Patrick’s. His wrists flicked up pulling their sticky heads to touch and caress driving them insane.

Pete…Pete I’m gonna…” Patrick breathed tone high and at its climax. Pete understood pulling Patrick to him and ran his fingers down the underside of his throbbing cock and over the slit one last time before Patrick’s fist clenched his shirt into them and his body went stiff the most beautiful cry eliciting from his wet pink lips. Pete only wished he could have seen his face.

OH! ” Patrick keened his orgasm exploding over Pete’s legs and stomach as he came Pete dutifully continuing to pump until they slumped to the floor in a panting heap. Patrick grinned a lopsided post orgasm smile at Pete surprised to see the slight shade of discomfort on Pete’s face. Patrick could see him fidgeting wanting so frantically what Patrick just had but not touching himself anymore. He wondered why Pete was hesitating; there was hardly anything to be embarrassed of. Patrick reached down and grabbed his scrawny hips pulling them into his own while Pete grunted from the action. Patrick gave him a few grinds before taking Pete’s length in his own hands and began pulling up and flowing down. It was a strange sensation jerking someone else off but due to his hazy state it didn’t bother him too much and Pete was moaning with every slight twitch of his fingers. It wasn’t long before Pete too came dragging his orgasm out with a few long loud thrusts.

They lay beside each other, the floor wasn’t comfortable but they didn’t want to ruin the moment by moving. Patrick didn’t know how they where going to leave here without things being awkward. He did know somehow Pete would pull it off. He always did.

It wasn’t long before a naughty smile wound around Pete’s lips pulling them up. One of Patrick’s eyebrows lifted as he smiled back, he didn’t know if he should be curious or cautious.

“What?” he asked propping himself up on one elbow.

“You’re gonna get off for Clothes Off” Pete replied simply, quite sure of himself.

“Oh no I’m not” Patrick retorted waiting to see Pete’s face fall and know that he’d finally been owned by Patrick Stump “I never agreed to anything”

Pete’s face didn’t fall and Patrick began to worry. Pete stood, easy if not immoral smile intact and walked over to a bag by the door. He opened it tossing Patrick a towel to clean himself up with and a fresh pair of pants.

“A bit sure of yourself eh?” Patrick sniggered, grateful that he wouldn’t have to attempt to sneak to the nearest floor runner and explain his way into getting the kid to go and buy him some new pants. Still Pete didn’t reply cleaning himself up and putting on a new pair of pants. He stuffed his old pair into the outside zip pocket shuffling through the bag. With a definite ‘a-ha’ Pete pulled what looked like small black box. He pivoted, slowly, to look at Patrick holding the box up. He clicked on it and it made a whirring sound then stopped. Pete clicked it again. There was gasping, grunting, licking and heavy breathing then with astounding clarity:

Oh babe that’s right, it’s alright…oh, oh, ooooh, uh ah……Pete…Pete I’m gonna… OH!

Patrick’s hand flew to his mouth covering it as if the noise had come from him. It was a tape recorder. Patrick’s first thought following ‘shit’ was ‘fuck Pete and his obsession with old technology’.

“New deal” Pete announced like the evil genius he was, “You have inspiration now, you know what you sound like and it’s fresh in your mind and whether you believe it or not fuck it’s hot. It’s the hottest fucking sound I’ve ever heard. You can either fake it for Travis and sex up your singing parts or I can give Travis this tape and let him edit it and mess with it till he has the sound he wants and you devastate the male and female population with your orgasm and cause mass orgies to break out all over the world”

“Give me the fucking tape!” Patrick roared no longer amused as he leapt to his feet but in a second Pete was out the door, bag in hand, and down the hall leaving Patrick to stand alone in the effects room his own soiled pants unhidden, his new pants unzipped and a demeanor so totally disheveled that everyone and their dog would be able to tell what he had just been up to. He wondered if Pete had any shame at all as, while he did leave with pants on, he left with the same disheveled look that Patrick had. Patrick promised himself that Pete would pay.

* * *

Patrick glared out from behind his mike mouth tight shut and a slight blush tingeing his cheeks.

He had managed to eventually sneak out to a bathroom and make himself look presentable before returning to find all of the Gym Class Heroes and Pete waiting in the recording room. Within a few minutes of Patrick walking in Travis broached the subject of Patrick’s bane and so here he was standing, watching them through the tinted glass they had made transparent by turning on a light in the room Pete and Patrick had violated not forty five minutes ago. Patrick thought briefly of telling them what had happened where they stood and sat to disgust them into leaving but that would require admitting to the act a thing Patrick couldn’t stand. Not that he didn’t enjoy himself or that he was ashamed, a recording booth just wasn’t the right place for it.

“Whenever you’re ready give us the signal baby” Travis teased while Patrick listened to muffled snickering. In the back ground Pete, who had astoundingly made it all the way to the far men’s bathrooms without being seen and was now perfectly preened once more and held up the little black box behind the Gym Class Heroes line of sight. Patrick gave a stiff nod planning on getting it right first time through.

No, No, No. Oh babe, it’s all right, oooh. Nah, nah, nah, nah, oh, oh! Oh! No, no, no, we have to take our clothes off, yeah, and we have to party, oh babe, all night, it’s all right, we have to take our eeeOH! Oh! Clothes off to have a good time oh no, no, no

* * A Few Months Later * *

“So Patrick, I’m thinking for Angie after I sing ‘room to breath’ you do a little heavy breathing like you’re getting some, aite?” Gabe asked Patrick as they sat in their small recording studio van at warped tour going over the songs for Viva la Cobra, Cobra Starship’s new album “In fact if you could sex all yo singing up I think it would really advance the albums sound”

Patrick stared at him for a long moment with a disbelieving look before walking out without a word. Gabe shook his head and flipped out his phone.

Pete was only a phone call away.

A/N: The moral of the story is everyone wants Patrick’s sex. An old moral but a good solid one everyone can abide by.


You are my favorite person ever.
Also I wouldn't be surprised if they all really did try and get Patrick to make sex noises for their songs lol

Seriously though... this was brilliant.
I loved your Patrick, he was so adorable in his reluctance.
Your Pete was fantastic too, I love devious/hot-for-patirck!Pete =]
I loved how chill both Travis and Gabe were about asking Patrick to make sexy noises, they were hilarious.

Also, I would never have guessed that this was only your second sex scene ever... seriously it was delicious, write more of them =]

Great Work!! I totally loved this =]
hee hee yeah, i just wish i'd been in the room when travis went "so patrick...get off for my song?" and he was like "SIGH what is it with you guys? is it the hair? is it the face, what is it about me that makes everyone want my sex sounds?" and pete's like "everything, now do it". XD I'm glad you liked it so much. I suspect i will write these from time to time but i also suspect they will be pretty few and far between just cause i feel so very guilty when i write them. Like a rule of thumb for me is 'if you wouldn't be proud to show it to em, don't do it'. That's why i use a separate account to my main account and this alias. i really am quite ashamed. but i write fairly regular fics on my other account, with scores of innuendo in some.
lol, thats a very true moral. Everyone wants Patrick's body, his voice, and what happens when you put them together!!!

*i must say, a recording of Patrick moaning would be like... the biggest thing since sliced bread if it got out on the internet!!!*
abso-friking-lutely! That would be the hottest sound ever. Though it would suck for Patrick i mean it's such a personal thing. Besides im pretty happy with his moaning singing/ fake orgasm singing ^_^
Yeah! i was playing it loud one day and i was like 'wait...was that...*rewinds* oh god! Fake Patrick Orgasm!!!!!!!*best moment ever*' then a long long time later i got the idea for this. It seems wholly plausible to me XD and thank you!
Okay. This was awesome and so...ugh...GOOD. Jeez. And Patrick should totally make more songs with him making orgasm noises with Pete<\strike>.
*adds to mmrs*

hee hee thanks and yeah he totally should
This was perfect, hot and funny.
Thnx for the great read <3
no problem i'm glad you liked it XD
Haha! Loved the ending!
Brilliantly manipulative story!
Freaking hot too!

Loved <3

Thank you very much! love right back at ya!