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To embarrassed to ask this in my normal journals even though i suspect no one will read it.

Is Rorschach from Watchmen gay?

*i am too embarrassed to ask this as i am afraid my friends will say 'do you think everything that moves is gay?'*

Why would i make such speculations?

1. The notes on him from the mental institution say that he was extra shy around women growing up.

2. Some women who are lesbians (in the real world) where abused by male figures when young *SOME OK, i am the last person to accuse someone of being gay by 'choice' not that it would be a bad thing if they did i just know of some women, and have met one, that had been abused by a guy and decided that all men had the capacity to treat them so and turned to women. Point I'm trying to make here is Rorschach was abused by his mother as a boy and didn't seem to have a lot of positive female figures growing up. Just saying. And the way his mom treated certainly had the capacity to screw him up good and proper (not to say being gay is screwed up)

3. Sally said in her interview that some of the Miniutemen where gay (that she knew of). She said the ones she knew of had died but she also said that that particular line of work attracted 'a certain type'.

4. Rorschach said that he liked working with Nite Owl a lot, that they made a good team. Rorschach doesn't really mention any affections per say for anyone else.

5. He tries to 'comfort' Dan about the original Nite Owl's death.

6. He holds his hand to the point when dan has to kind of gently shirk him off.

7. He is never mentioned to have had any relationship with any female (or male) before. I'm just saying some of the other guys past relationships where mentioned. his have not been at all. Makes me wonder if he's ever been with anyone full stop.

I dunno look to me Rorschach is not an affectionate character by nature so anything slightly affectionate a long with the points i mentioned before just jumped out at me. However as for the only real affectionate gestures being made by Rorschach being made to Dan i could just as easily say because dan is his only 'friend' these gestures seem very affectionate but are simply those shown to the only friend he has.

this is what my brain does. please don't judge it.

oh and Rorschach is my fave no matter what. loved him long before all the above musings came rushing into my head this afternoon and long after i found he was uuuuuuugly. cause he is so way awesome and cool and deep and smart and strong and hard edge. god he's cool! lol can't wait for the movie.


I don't think he's gay, though I can see why you may think that.
In my opinion the only reason he acts the way he does to Niteowl is because Niteowl is his only real friend, everyone else pretty much hated him.
As for Rorschach and women I think he was shy because he didn't know how to act around theme without thinking about his horrible childhood.
There is a part in the book when he is a teenager and he gets a job in this shop sorting out clothing including womens underwear, he makes a point of saying he didnt like handling these items, sI don't think a gay guy would really care about handling womens clothing because he'd be apathetic, just like straight women or men if they shower/change infront of eachother and such.
I think he probably is attracted to women deep down but really hides it well and is too preoccupied to care. Either that or he is asexual (having no interest in sex) Rorschach is right wing also, and its hinted he dislikes the idea of people being gay.
just my opinion though XD